Imports complete

Found some help, and now imports for the old and posts are complete.

I’ve dispensed with categories in favor of tags, so posts are organized by origin (Office, Mobile, Spamroll, Thoughtmarket, and a yet to be filled category entitled “Rivers and Flats”).

If you are coming from or via a link you found, and are now looking for a particular post, please accept my apologies in advance. I wasn’t particularly concerned with preserving inbound links, and the idea of a redirect file thousands of lines long wasn’t in the cards. Use the search box, comfortable in the certainty that I hope it works for you.

UPDATE: I can’t believe there were over a thousand entries.

UPDATE 2: There are plenty of broken internal links – fixing those will take plenty of time, but if you’re finding them, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d point them out.

UPDATE 3: Tags are back where they should be.

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