Oh Cheesman, Why Art Thou…

So stinking difficult!!!

I’ve been skunked for the first time this season. Cheesman Canyon got the best of me – I think that’s an “again” too, since I’ve been held to zero there before.

FYI – the water is flowing strong, but still crystal, and the crossings weren’t particularly tricky either (even for a guy who is well known for face plants). Fish are, as expected, hugging the banks. And they’re spooky as usual.

Some BWOs came by as the clouds moved in. I threw them, along with WD-40s and assorted other midges. Stripped baby beadhead woolies as dusk set in – no luck there either.

However, I still had some luck – on the way home a call came in – there were several single malts which required my attention (I think that meant before the bottles were emptied). I took those folks up on the offer, and all is good (well kinda good).

I am now hell bent on getting dialed into Cheesman – I mean really wiring the place. Any tips/tricks are appreciated.

PS: My camera got soaked when my chestpack, lying quitely on a rock, took it upon itself to roll off said rock and into the river. By the time I got over to it, the whole thing was drenched, camera included. So I am also looking for camera recommendations, as while I’m drying this one out and keeping my fingers crossed, I suspect it is toast.

UPDATE: Ode to precision screwdrivers and patience. Completely dismantled the Olympus 435, and found a few water droplets here and there. Reassembled and now working, although I have an extra screw and a little clip of some type (that always happens – extra parts!).

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