Review of the Scott G2 905-4 (Part II)

gear bagCan’t really comment too much about the performance of this rod, other than give it a big thumbs up!

The whole setup is light as a feather…so light that a colleague thought it was a 3wt when they gave it a try. And that is good, particular for a kid (me) who learned to trout fish high-sticking a small East Coast tailwater and still can’t shake the tendency to lift the rod.


I ran this getup through it’s paces long tossing streamers into the stream spillout on a local reservoir. It handled beautifully with all but the largest beadhead woolies, running in tandem at that. Then the rod showed me it wasn’t an 8wt designed to throw large flies 75+ feet. Despite being a medium-action rod, it still had the backbone to pick up 20+ feet of line, and get it moving in another direction – that felt good.

I also tossed some attractor patterns up against some far banks one morning. Despite still not having a very good feel for the set up, and snagging a few times behind and to the right of me, it didn’t take long to figure out how to tighten up the loops and start dropping dries within inches of dirt. As a side note, I also found the tip just soft enough to mend away without shaking the leader in the slightest.

Catching (the important stuff)

I generally brag a lot about the fact that a lose very few fish post-hookup. But over the last three days I lost plenty. I am not going to blame the rod for this – it is a medium action – it’s just that the user is “over action.” I popped a lot of small tippets, and I think that was a trust issue. Enough said. Still, it is capable of catching fish, and I suspect it could catch a lot more in more capable hands:


I’d really love to sandbag the rating here to keep Scott on it’s toes, but I just can’t. I’ll get very use to this rod much sooner than later, especially as a result of it’s overly comforting weight factor.

I’m giving it a 9 out of 10 in the performance bracket, subject to further review and a possible upgrade.


UPDATE: Fly Fishing Insider just posted some benchmarks on 5-weight rods – the Scott G2 905/4 was not included.


chris sybert says:

I own the G2 844 and 885…the best for trout and smallies…those 2 and a zaxis #7 are all I need for just about everyting.

Hey Chris –

I’ve got the G2 884 now as well – an extremely fine dry fly rod if there ever was one. I think you’d be better served with a Scott S4S 6-weight over that Z-axis though.

Yes, I’m very biased, but here it is in action: It is my streamer rod, my bass rod, and my carp rod – can’t ask for it to do much more.



chris says:

Yes, you are probably right….but now I’ll have to find someone to buy my Zaxis #7 so I can afford the S4S #6.

Bob Eanes says:

If you like the the 4 and 5 weights G2’s. My new favorite is a G2 822. Light, easy, and just what the doctor ordered!

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