What do fly boxes say about a person?

The other day, I was standing by a clear river tying on a fly when a colleague commented that I was carrying two fly boxes. Yes, I used to be a one-box fisherman. It was all about being minimalist – carrying as little gear as possible – and it extended to flies and boxes as well.

Unfortunately, I’ve grown older, and despite not feeling all that much wiser I’ve at least figured out that trout do not need to be handed any advantages whatsover. Now I carry two boxes…sometimes three. Gotta assume the weather might change, or that I will get lost and be forced to strip big streamers until sun-up (darn, that would suck, eh?).

My primary below deck box, usually found lashed to my lanyard and stuffed in a front shirt pocket:



Yea, there are a few dries in that one, but you get the idea.

Now, half dry, and half big and fast (but generally big):


People look at me funny when I tell them I have dries and streamers in the same box – they also carry like 12 boxes with them everywhere they go.

This one doesn’t follow me everywhere, but you must be prepared for monsters lurking in the shadows:


The latter two are handled carefully, as I don’t have them secured around my neck like the first, and I’ve been known to drop full boxes in Class 4 rapids.

Sometime down the road, I’ll open up my salty set, but meanwhile the question remains…what do fly boxes say about a person?

In my case, self-analysis says I’m a neat freak, in need of glasses, and broke!

Are your boxes talking to you?

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