Facebook poised to take out Yahoo!?

Last week: a colleague asked me if I had been following the whole Facebook API bit. I said no, although I did admit I had a Facebook profile (inactive, and experimental) and he noted he didn’t (an age thing).

The next suggestion was that Facebook, with all the attention it is getting (including that of developers), would make Yahoo! “irrelevant.”

I’m not sure I’d stay logged into Facebook all day long to get my information, but a lot of people might. Is the come-from-behind social app a portal-killing platform or just the latest craze in a hyperactive online world?

UPDATE: Who cares – folks are already handicapping Yahoo! suitors.

UPDATE 2: A “neighbor” puts out a prescient analysis portending Facebook’s future. My inquiry is…it seems closed. Not index-able. How is someone to develop a persona on Facebook? And how does someone who spends a third of their time coding, a third of their time providing financial advice, and a third of their time fly fishing actually find these new “widgets?”

Facebook “opened” themselves up. But, in the grand scheme of the internet, did they?

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