Freebase invitations

I’ve got 5 invitations for the Freebase alpha test, if anybody wants one. Use the contact form to send me your email address, and I’ll forward one to you.

UPDATE: …or just comment with a valid email address, like the last, smarter than I, person did. There are four three two one none left. Sorry.

UPDATE 2: I’m glad I didn’t get into a real review of Freebase – Kristen Nicole that better. I’ll will point out that now that I “know” some people on it as a result of the invitations, it makes getting around in there a bit more interesting anyway, as in seeing what people are up to. As far as I can tell, folks seem to be embracing the platform for building knowledge bases on very niche topics, similar I guess to what happens at Wikipedia.


Johannes says:

me too, please.


Moshik says:

would love to get one as well.


Dave Falke says:

I would love to get an invitation!! Thanks.

Sebastian says:

I sincerely think the review of Nicole is poor, I give a brief summary of freebase implication:
– You have a powerful query language, can write, read data.
– Can make complex queries like: tell me the CEOs of semiconductos companies where venture capital firms has invested the last year.
– Define your own types.
– Do bulk upload of information.

In Internet/Business terms all this means:
– Rely on open content sources for searching films, music, rankings, social networks, restaurants, products, etc making a shift from zillons of sites with the same info.
– Focusing more on the addition of value on that info.
– Contextualizing from news/places/persons what some text “means”
– etc, etc, etc.

It’s important to note that many organizations research about ontologies, but nobody yet has merged many concept in one clean place like freebase. I think if they solve the scalability issues thinking in millions of queries per second, they has the success.

Michael Gracie says:

Agreed (on the latter half). But PR doesn’t hurt either, particularly when 1) you need to build the database, and 2) you have a guy like me who only had the time to do a drive-by review.

Johan Oomen says:

Yes, please. I would like to have one.

Best wishes from Amsterdam,

Michael Gracie says:

Sorry – none left.

Michael Gracie says:

Via email: I’d welcome a freebase invite if you have one left.

Sorry James – none left.

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