Mark Fletcher’s 10 Commandments are my 10 Mistakes

The Bloglines and Yahoo Groups creator has some strong opinions on dealing with marketing types. I think I’ve made every mistake along those lines, and wish Fletcher had posted this stuff years ago.

My favorite tidbits within:

  • “Don’t believe what you read” – No kidding
  • “‘The Press’ is no longer the most important source of coverage” – Or their circulation/viewership wouldn’t be plummeting
  • “Traditional PR firms only marginally ‘get’ the blogosphere” – Yep, and if you still don’t believe it, ask Mike Masnick
  • “Unless you have true Wall Street Journal worthy news, or are stupid, don’t bother paying $20,000 a month for an ineffective PR agency” – No offense intended
  • “You do keep track of what people are saying about your company, right?” – You should keep track about what people are saying about you, too
  • Do these commandments apply to “public relations” efforts outside of tech company promotion?

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