The projected return on $12,107 doesn’t include the intangibles

Matthew Ingram doesn’t care that Guy Kawasaki found a cheap lawyer – Kawasaki’s Truemors is a complete “waste”.

It (Truemors) may not get bought for millions, but then again surprising things do happen. And no doubt the “waste” is getting PR now – maybe Kawasaki can turn it into a cat fight so people will flock to the site. But what about the intangibles being ignored?

Kawasaki makes a fine example of how easy it is to get something started, and how cheaply compared with just a few years ago (something Ingram also points out in conclusion). Also note that what is cheap to launch may also be cheap to modify. Cheap to enhance. And cheap to emulate. Which means…more logo makers creating logos. More lawyers writing docs. More developers hacking code.

Someone else may learn something from Guy Kawasaki’s waste experiment, and wind up making the difference.

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