Where is RSS for dummies?

This has to be one of the most comprehensive RSS tool lists I’ve ever seen. My favorites are Bloglines and Vienna – and I wish there was a better reader out there for Blackberry. But that’s just me.

As for everyone else, well RSS has been around for years yet I still hear everyday folks asking what it is. Is the xml format a technology that will forever be relegated to geekdom, or does someone know where I can find a half-page explanation of it which will appeal directly to tax accountants, bankruptcy attorneys, and soccer moms?


I think this might do the trick for you:

Also, thanks for mentioning http://feedeachother.com in your latest post. I think you’ll find that if you want to introduce your friends to the concept of an rss reader, FeedEachOther is a great place to do that. It makes browsing for and discovering interesting feeds ridiculously easy. They don’t have to download a bookmarklet and all that confusing stuff. They can just browse the site and search for feeds and subscribe on the spot. Don’t even need to know what RSS really is under the hood.

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