Explanation of Twitter…priceless

A couple of burgers and salads, and a few soft drinks…uh, I’ve already lost the receipt (and I already threw the punchline out in the title anyway).

I grabbed lunch with Alex King earlier today, the original idea being picking his brain on some WordPress stuff I’m tooling around with (as well as paying my respects for all the great plug-ins he has developed and I have pilfered without coughing up donations). It was worth negotiating the highway at midday, and it came with an unexpected gift – getting a real down to earth explanation of what Twitter is all about (you know, the explanation I was still waiting for).

Anyway, I’ve had this Twitter plug-in for WordPress activated for some time, but never bothered to use it because I wasn’t really using Twitter in the first place. Alex pursued the development of the plug-in after some initial skepticism regarding Twitter himself – the genesis of the project was a quick and easy way to archive Twitter posts, and it grew from there.

I’m not going to get into detail regarding Alex’s take on the service other than to say that my initial suspicions regarding the success Twitter would have as a result of their open API are shared. Mr. King also pointed out TwitterBerry to me, which I’ve now installed on my 8700, OTA. It makes a lot of sense for any Blackberry user who doesn’t have unlimited SMS (although I have plenty, I hate keeping track of that kind of stuff, and already have unlimited data).

I still have doubts, based primarily on the fact that Twitter is a social service and I’d be hard pressed to get any of my “old fart” friends to join – I can’t even get them to read this blog (although that may be due to its low quality nature. Nevertheless, I like the idea of being able to record snippets that wouldn’t otherwise be appropriate for a blog entry (like one liners), and having them compiled at the end of each day.

Thanks Alex.

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