On Tuesdays, hackers read newspapers and eat Ramen noodles

Not a regular day, and not expected to be a regular post either…

  • It looks like Rupert Murdoch may get the Wall Street Journal, despite the fear that he’ll turn it into Fox News on paper. I don’t know what everyone is scared about – the WSJ already seems to have pretty strong opinions – the fact that they don’t mind expressing them with the latest technology makes me curious as to what News Corp could possibly do to enhance it in the face of such dismal overall newpaper performance. Keep your eyes and ears open on this one.
  • There are at least 20 ways to aggregate all your social networking profiles. That means there are way too many social networking services out there that don’t differentiate themselves enough, and that hackers/identity thieves don’t have to attack near as many places as they did before.
  • And vosnap, the startup company in the freeze-dried, shrink-wrapped package that 70 people took camping for the weekend is making progress. They’ve changed their homepage, added a blog of their own, and are splattering the content with a combination of wit and humbleness in preparation for live time. In my eyes, the latter means a lot – I’d say this one is going places.
  • UPDATE: On a side note, AskTheVC, the online Q&A sessions with Boulder-based Foundry Group‘s gang, has some additional competition. It’s Marc Andreessen, who exploded onto the tech blogging scene just a few months ago. As more VCs open up, it is going to be interesting to see what disagreements arise (as well as whether some decide to “opinionate” in lockstep just before they do deals together).

    UPDATE 2: I’ll repeat: the Wall Street Journal already has pretty strong opinions. But I guess it’s gospel now that Bill Clinton said it.

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