Personal utility, timing, and Twitter

I am probably stating the obvious to a whole bunch of folks that understand the idea of Twittering better than I…

I’ve aced Twitter Tools’ daily digest posting.

I first thought it would be a nifty way to keep a diary of random thoughts, indexed and searchable, but I wound up with some time-oriented material that just didn’t make sense getting posted the next day (i.e. miscellaneous use of “today,” “yesterday,” etc.). Second – I’ve realized that is not the purpose nor the real utility of Twitter, at least not for myself. I’ve ignored the whole tagline “What are you doing?” because I’m less inclined to broadcast the tasks at hand or my general whereabouts, versus making a quick inquiry or observation about something (like how many fish I caught). I like Twitter for the latter, but once I tried time and datestamping that type of information it lost some of its intrinsic value – that value being the ability to kick my brain into recall mode (where was my train of thought when that idea or inquiry came out). Some will probably think that you should want that extra data around to hasten the recovery process, but I disagree. I think there are already way too many crutches around trying to organize, manage, and regurgitate – sometimes it’s fun trying to do it on your own. The brain exercise can’t hurt either.

Latest Twitter posts updates are headed to the sidebar. UPDATE: maybe, maybe not.

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