Some capitulation on Squidoo

Ok, so maybe this more of a shot against the naysayers/complainers/perpetually negative/kick ’em when they’re down crew:

After laying out my thoughts on the Squidoo/Google bit, I paid the site another visit. Much as I’d love to find something wrong with it (so I could subsequently make a feeble attempt at convincing everyone how clever I am by pointing out a bunch of flaws that would be Squidoo’s demise), I couldn’t.

I set up a new account, and created a lense of my own. It took about two minutes to do the former, and roughly thirty minutes to get the latter looking and feeling like I wanted it to. And, since I don’t have any ads, “spend your last buck,” or narry a widget or other such links here (as it would distract from the otherwise bland and boring style that I hope to one day personally epitomize), I made sure to add a whole bunch of those “moneymaking” widgets that internet users are so fond of. The only hitch is all the stuff getting linked to is about either finance or flyfishing, but whether you are interested in either of those subjects or not you should visit the lense anyway, as all the proceeds go…right now…to the Cancer Prevention and Research Foundation (and if you aren’t interested in finance or flyfishing I will happily accept your purchases as a gesture of goodwill).

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