The curious and contrarian in today’s tech

  • Today Vonage hit new lows as another competitor jumped into the VoIP fray. It’s a new company called Ooma, who is offering free service in exchange for a high-priced phone. Curious – will everyone in Hollywood jump on this since star Ashton Kutcher is involved? Contrarian – the business model is the exact opposite of the cell-phone set (where it seems all the telecomm growth is).
  • Ebay posted some good numbers, but folks are really talking about how their auction business is stagnating. Curious – what is doing well at Ebay, since everyone also seems down on all the acquisitions? Contrarian – a 50% rise in the net is nothing to shrug at, but people are shrugging anyway…I thought the idea of being in business was to make money (but what the hell do I know). Also noted – Ebayers often pay more than fair value for items – please send similar business models my way…please?!
  • A new OS X based worm could soon be on the loose. The anonymous creator said they were tired of hearing about OS X being so secure. Curious – will I soon be sticking my foot in my mouth along with all the other comfy OS X users? Contrarian – if you’re so tired of the cockiness, release the damn thing already (instead of blathering about it).
  • Paul Kedrosky’s new Blackberry has 6 fonts, none of which he likes. Curious – my old Blackberry has 11 fonts…why would Blackberry cut down on fonts? Contrarian – I like BBCasual and I’ll probably never change it…hence I don’t care if it has a memorable name or not.
  • UPDATE: Carlo Longino goes contrarian on Ooma. Meanwhile, I may be waiting a long time for that OS X bug…the “creator” is on the lam.

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