What Google should really do with Postini

Google bought another: first FeedBurner, and now Postini. I say another because these are both Mobius/Foundry Group/Brad Feld/Ryan McIntyre related companies – and congratulations are surely well deserved. I won’t comment on what Google should do with Postini – Fred Wilson has already done that, and I’m not particularly “spam inclined”. But I will say some of Fred’s comments are spot on, while others could use a little work:

  • False positives on validation emails are a big problem. But that’s really an issue for those sending the email.
  • Valid items in the spam folder are only a problem if you receive such enormous volumes of email from such a wide array of senders at a single email address that you are 1) certain something really important is falling through the cracks, and 2) rarely bother to clean it out your spam folder the first place.
  • Reputation will remain a problem until 1) the powers that be agree on a open, royalty free, inter-operable standard, or 2) Google listens to Fred while everyone on the planet simultaneously switches to Gmail.

The perception seems to be there is only one box. The real winner is going to be the one that thinks outside of it, and convinces the casual email user to follow suit.

UPDATE: More background on Postini, from Ryan.

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