There is no more Monster under the bed

Once “the” job site, Monster has taken a back seat, progress-wise, to virtually everyone including the blogosphere. Now their CEO is out, and the company is facing a potential disaster in the form of a trojan horse identity thief.

I think this ship can be righted with a few simple maneuvers (and a bit of business model massaging), but I’m going to keep my mouth shut since someone else probably had the ideas first.

UPDATE: Monster shut down the server “hubbing” for the trojans. Now they just have a PR mess. Personally, I don’t think five days is an unreasonable time, considering the circumstances. They targeted the root of the issue (the server), which may have mitigated even more lost data – I view it as a customer-centric move. Second, this business of personal information being exposed is somewhat overblown – people stick their resumes online, and businesses pay to see them – the personal data and financial data are from two different constituents, as far as I can tell.

UPDATE 2: From Yahoo News

As previously reported, the information contained on this server was limited to names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Based on Monster’s thorough review, no other details, including bank account numbers, were uploaded.

Sounds like businesses are safe – maybe the talk there will now end.

On a side note, I had a Monster account sitting inactive. I used a different email address and phone number than usual with it – I think everyone should practice the same, just like the internet birthday.

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