New digital camera for me

I spend a lot of time outdoors, and most of that standing knee deep in rivers. I’m also semi-famous for doing faceplants while wading, and getting soaked doesn’t bode well for digital cameras. Hence, I’ve kept the camera I have, a little Olympus 435, in a Pelican case tucked away in a pack. I miss a lot of shots because it’s tough access (particularly if you have a rod in one hand and a net full of fish in the other).

I wanted a waterproof compact, but choices were slim – then I found the Pentax Optio W30. I checked out the reviews, and it seemed to fit the bill (and used regular SD cards instead of xD cards like the Olympus Stylus). American Express came to the rescue for roughly 50,000 points (and delivered it in two days flat – I was impressed).

I’d like to say I’m just as impressed with the camera, but the thing has so many bells and whistles it is going to take a few outings to figure them all out (don’t say read the manual – it just won’t happen). Meanwhile, I caught this photo just after dusk yesterday…

Not too bad, I guess (for someone who doesn’t have a clue).

The real test will be if it can catch trout pics while the fish are still “at home”…


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