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Bernanke Says `Saving Glut’ Still Helps Lower Rates

Riddled with conflict. The savings glut is not domestic, the dollar is weak, there’s pressure to lower rates, and inflation lingers in staples. Mortgage rates have de-coupled from Treasuries – rates are dropping, but for lack of mortgage demand.


Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan adds insult to injury by taking a shot at US housing prices (and notably in a foriegn paper).

Mr Greenspan said he would expect “as a minimum, large single-digit” percentage declines in US house prices from peak to trough and added that he would not be surprised if the fall was “in double digits”.

Greenspan no longer has his hands on the rate button, but it seems the button is now broken (and he knows it). He’s no stranger to conflicting commentary as of late either.

UPDATE: Ok, maybe the button is just a little sticky.

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