River of trout at the beginning of a rainbow

I took two mighty fine folks fishing last Sunday. For one, it was their first time fishing tandem nymph rigs in tight quarters. The other was forced to fly fish for the first time in their life, after I forgot the spinning reel to go along with the spinning rod I was charged with bringing (Note: I usually carry both in case someone gets aggravated with the fly rod and/or drops one of my irreplaceable rigs in the river, thereby relegating themselves to an Ugly Stick/Penn 4500 combo as well as a tank of gas for my V-8 powered river taxi).

We had a fantastic day! The latter mentioned participant caught their first trout on fly, and on their very first cast (I’m good at getting folks hyped up early for the greatest sport on earth). That made my day, and I pretty much mucked around for the rest of the time (although I caught quite a streak after some rain and a jaunt upstream by myself).

Unbeknowst to me my colleagues kept a photo chronology of the trip, and they posted it here. There are some great shots of the rainbows (as in rain/light rainbows) we “caught” while rambling back into town.

They offered thanks, and I will too.

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