The Social Graph and Participant Motivations

Two interesting articles on social networking and data elements from Read/WriteWeb, compliments of Alex Isgold and Bernard Lunn.

Some will find them lengthy for blog posts, but follow through. Bernard’s concluding inquiries on network types reads like the first chapter of an introductory sociology course. Smart stuff.


mike king says:


I meant to bring up your skidoo blog post, which I agree with 100%.
Your notion that they don’t need to be kicked while down is refreshing
when so much mob mentality and jealousy seems to bring out the worst.

I have been messing around with blogs for awhile and met up with skidoo
quite by accident. I’m not much for single content or targeted marketing
but in my world there are no “accidents,” so decided to explore. While
Not committing, I still got a ton of useful information from the webiteand
that is a class act. I agree with Google, by the way, that websites disguised as informational but loaded with spam are not a legitimate way to bring products to pontial buyers. I would like to see more disclosure
about why a site gets smacked. If the object is to improve the content,
then a data base of actions and conclusions would be helpful to all.

The way it is now, it feels like a sheriff is hiding behind trees with the
express purpose of “nailing” offenders, rather than openly trying to improve their content. But, as I am learning, no one giant can control
what the good citizen wants in content and advertising for long.

Internet users are all more sophisticated as a result of free information.
The latest political races for president have proven that the internet has a mind of its own and it will be heard. How different from the days when
political parties controlled what voters wanted. The internet is evolutionary, along with everything else on the planet. Those who cling
to the old ways will be left behind.

Michael Gracie says:

Agreed on all accounts.

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