Feed readers get some press

In the last few days…

The former has a recommendation engine and inline comment reading. The latter has a knockdown, dragout, top-end team (which often counts for more than any whizbang features they cook up). Both are late to the social game, but I think news consumption is still in the first inning and the service that finally offers up something simple for the masses could come out a winner.

Nevertheless, I’m stuck in Bloglines version one-point zero because I don’t have the time or inclination to save, resave, clip, tag, retag, etc. etc. like I seem to be forced to do in fanboy favorite Google Reader or the coming knockoff beta dot bloglines. Neither do most of my friends. If I can aggregate my sources in one place and consume from multiple locales, I’m fine right there.

I’m waiting for someone to improve on that concept.

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