Wit and sarcasm meets crazed realtors

The wit and sarcasm is compliments of The Big Picture, in pointing out every reason why headlines coming out of the National Association of Realtors are, at best, reaching (and at worst, complete bull). As for crazed realtors, well Michael Arrington gets the kudos with a piece on some gangs of realtors suing each other.

Suspension of disbelief

The NAR continually tries convincing folks that there isn’t much to this housing debacle. And why shouldn’t they – they’re a trade association for realtors for goodness sakes – they are supposed to shill on behalf of their dues paying members so said members will be able to sell homes and keep paying dues. As for realtors fighting over a network of blogs, well its just the entertainment Arrington suggests. Realtors blogging – let me guess what they’re saying…

“While the overall market is down, our particular market is doing fine because we didn’t experience the kind of surge that other markets did.”

Yep, that’s a quote – it’s just that it comes from so many places that I don’t have room on these pages to list everyone who actually said it. And whether they are telling it directly to the next person that plunks down 2.5% in cash plus a signature on a HELOC and a 30-year fixed rate note with three points, or they’re blogging it to the masses, it makes no difference. It’s still a tired line.


We have a trade association that is twisting facts in a vain attempt to save their hides. They’ll get little short-term benefit from it as the events leading up to a massive train wreck are already rearing their ugly little heads. They’ll be left with zero credibility when and if the storm clouds dissipate. Meanwhile, there’s a group out their enabling brokers to pass the same worn out story to every last borrower they can via the internets. And they think there is actually enough value in that to steal customer lists and charge into court.

You’d almost think that the constituents involved know they add no value to the process they insert themselves into, and that from a legal/regulatory standpoint they are completely unnecessary when it comes to completing a transaction. And if you’d already thought that…

You’d be right.


Here’s why their stupidity is actually self-defeating:

“A growing number of Realtors in Florida are frustrated with the state and national Realtors groups’ efforts to ‘spin’ the market as one that is strengthening and where home prices are stabilizing.

“Many (though probably not yet most) Realtors are frustrated by customers who continue to list their homes at price levels that are ‘unrealistic,’ and as a result, sales volumes – and thus commissions – continue to remain depressed.

“While Realtors have noted to customers that many home builders in Florida have slashed new-home prices in order to move bloated inventories, many home sellers are still holding off, hoping – along with FAR and NAR – that prices will start moving back up soon.”

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