World Series Ticket Raffle

You have to be a disabled Iraq War Veteran to win.

Ryan Roth and Lucas Howell are co-sponsoring a raffle this Saturday. The prize is a ticket into game 3 of the World Series, and the beneficiary will be some fine veteran of the Iraq War. They’ll be holding the raffle at a to-be-determined drinking establishment in downtown Denver just before the game.

These guys are a couple of extremely bright software engineers who also like to get a few beers in their gullet now and then. This means meeting Ryan, Lucas and the rest of their crew is a safe, fun bet for the weekend – you should join them!

Details will be forthcoming throughout the day, and will be posted here – they are looking for a few extra tickets to give away as well. I won’t be anywhere near a baseball stadium on Saturday, but I think the whole bit is a great idea for a great cause. I’m strong-arming my next door neighbor (who I happen to know is hiding some extra tickets from his fiance) via IM now.

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