Saturday’s Blue Blues

The flows came down, and a few spots we haven’t touched in months became prime targets. Once again, we found ourselves on some short stretches of the Blue River, surrounded by peace and quiet (the spots receive little pressure). The day was not without its trials and tribulations – I’m short on words this afternoon, so we are working in outline form, with the pleasant news first…

The Good

1) I started the morning with a feisty 15 inch brown…and for the first time on the Blue can happily say I didn’t snap off the first two fish I hooked.
2) Pep Meister pulled in a brown that the newbie we brought along said was the largest river trout he’d ever seen caught. I saw a picture of it from the camera screen, and immediately thought it was one of those inflatables Todd brings along for photo ops.
3) Wild Bill Hickock took my advice on grey RS-2s, and ended up with the highest in-the-net count among the four of us.
4) My neighbor (the newbie) didn’t fall in, his third-hand waders didn’t leak, he got no tangles in his two-fly rig, and he lost precisely zero flies.

The Bad

1) My first fish was my last (unless you call a 6 inch dink rainbow a fish – then I caught two for the day); I lost twenty bucks worth of flies, a whole container full of #4 split shot, and a brand new bottle of Gink. My new streamer line sinks way too fast for anything but Loch Ness.
2) Pep Meister didn’t do much better, with a grand total three catches for the day. He only lost two flies, but they were both custom-made presents from a close friend.
3) Wild Bill caught a meager five, and ditched us before 3 o’clock without telling us any secrets. He didn’t like the cookies I brought him for lunch either.
4) The newbie went home empty handed (and I don’t mean because we’re catch and release freaks either). His dirty waders and boots are still lying next to dog toys in his backyard.

The Ugly


No explanation necessary.

We will chalk this one up to egos in need of adjustment, and will be back on the water, someplace, as soon as the bruises heal.

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