Departmental Quotes of the Day

Slightly less amusing than owning banking stocks

From the Screw FASB And Their Damn Year End Closings Department:

  • Quickbooks for Mac users were caught in an update debacle, with Intuit’s latest patch eating files. Intuit’s initial response: “…our recommendation for now is to turn off your computer and do not use it further.”
  • From the Every Dog Has Their Day Department:

  • “Losers average losers” – Paul Tudor Jones; “Losers average losers, unless both ‘losers’ are Goldman Sachs” – anonymous
  • From the Sallie Mae’s Collateral Is Worthless Department:

  • “To err is Human, but it requires an MBA to really fuc* up.” – Barry Ritholtz
  • From the I’ll Take That Muni At LIBOR + 16 Department:

  • “It is really a situation where states have been making promises that they have to pay for tomorrow and not putting the money aside today.” – Susan Urahn, managing director at Pew Center on the States.
  • and…

    From the Microsoft Ain’t Dead Yet Department:

  • “While you are waiting for it, users are still saying ‘I’ll just send you the Excel file’. While you are waiting for it, 94% of the country is getting shit done.” – one very reasonable software engineer
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