End of year filings

Read tomorrow when you’re nursing your hangover – it’ll certainly make more sense then.

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  • Security warning! A flaw in WordPress could expose your draft posts. This news bulletin was originally brought to you via WordPress-driven social networking blog Mashable, but has since disappeared. This blog runs on WordPress too, and this post will be deleted in roughly 24 hours.
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  • Jeff Jarvis, one of the few high profile bloggers I’ve seen that actually mentions something about their religious affiliation online, says “Google is God.” Meanwhile, the only ad on Buzz Machine is delivered by Google, and the displayed inventory is an attack ad by Compete against Alexa.
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  • I was working on a joint venture deal in China, with a pre-negotiated price. Each time I checked with the accountants working through the due diligence the assets got smaller and the liabilities larger. Seems the theme runs throughout the Chinese economy. Of course, you could also surmise the same about the US economy and the housing market it’s been so entirely dependent on.
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  • Everyone wanted an iPod for Christmas (again). Some folks got cryptic notes espousing anti-capitalism instead.
  • and…

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  • Sweetheart…knots are natural!
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