BoA in Talks to Buy CountryWide Financial

Trading Rule #1: Never, Ever, Ever, Under Any Circumstance, Add to a Losing Position.

Yep. Number two would cut losses quickly, and number three would be double up on your winners. Even casual casino gamblers can win, if they do this while understanding and following game fundamentals.

UPDATE: The deal is now underway – it’s an all equity transaction at a hair under one share of B of A for each five shares of Countrywide priced out at around $7.20. CFC fell to $6.33 by the end of the day today, which could suggest some think the transaction will wind up more dilutive to B of A shareholders than management does. Meanwhile, Robert Shiller is questioning the whole deal – you can’t help but believe such skepticism has a solid foundation attached when it comes from him.

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