Facebook’s 60 Second roundup

Sixty seconds because it’s 1) very short, and 2) if you concatenate “60” and “Minutes” on a blog the chances of getting sued for trademark infringement go up dramatically.

I didn’t see Leslie Stahl’s segment with Mark Zuckerberg, so I’m relying on others…

  • Mashable ran a poll on the 20-something CEO’s television appearance – half of those surveyed thought Zuckerberg missed a big opportunity. Nonetheless, chances are the young man will have more opportunities, and will get much better over time.
  • Kara Swisher infers Leslie Stahl was the one who missed out, by not pressing the valuation issue. Or mentioning MySpace…even once.
  • Tom Hodgkinson of the Guardian UK took the opportunity to write a hit piece on Facebook investor Peter Thiel. It’s wholesale blathering, extending from Hodgkinson’s apparent consternation with Thiel’s politics. A classic example of why journalists are so shocked when they get pink slips.
  • And then there’s the real gem from the online debate – a cut to reality from Michael Learmonth of the Alley Insider. After noting that the interview had the worst ratings of the year, Learmonth explained why:

    …but it may also be due to the fact that (shhh!) outside of the certain corners of the Internet, no one cares that much about Facebook.

    Mr. Learmonth gets the Pulitzer Prize for Truthiness, I bet.

    UPDATE: Mike Masnick of Techdirt called the Hodgkinson hit piece “utterly ridiculous” and “shoddy” journalism. Amen to that.

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