Is “Free” A Danger?

Most internet business models are advertising supported. I find it amusing – Alex Isgold thinks it’s downright dangerous. Could be. Read the whole thing.

One point of contention

Alex noted…“Of course, we all prefer the light Google Docs to Microsoft’s heavy desktop software.” I am not sure who “we” is – most of the folks I interact with say: 1) Google Docs, with particular emphasis on the spreadsheet, is useless beyond adding a column of numbers which they can do just as readily with a desktop calculator; and 2) that their initial impression ensures that they will never try using the apps again. I tend to agree on both accounts.

Another example worth pondering

Fred Wilson calls the concept of creating a Facebook widget, the sole purpose of which is to garner a user base for other Facebook widgets, a valid business model. An incredulous software engineer calls it a pyramid scheme. Which is it?

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