Skype coming to PSP

I’ve never touched a PSP, so I’m inclined to be ignorant on the subject (what’s new?), but rumor has it Sony’s handheld gaming console will soon be Skype-capable. Despite my cluelessness with regard to gaming, I’d imagine that killing zombies while voice-chatting via Skype might eat up quite a bit of bandwidth.  This might be okay if you are at home on your Comcast 4MB connection, but everyone in the coffee shop is going to slow you down (as well as kick your ass for screaming “shoot, shoot, shoot” all the time).Is the combination a wireless carrier killer? I think not – the juice just isn’t there. With WiMAX or 3G, ubiquitously available? Maybe…someday. Wireless phones are picking up where landlines left off – they’re already killing the dial tone (although even the smallest players still act like nothing’s wrong). Cell signal reliability and voice quality still have room for major improvement, and that’s what the carriers should be concentrating on for their mainstream base while everyone chases their tails with toys. And yes, I did suggest that Research In Motion and Skype might be a good combination, but that was more for the messaging prospects.It’ll be fun for gamers, but that’s about it.

UPDATE: More “Skype will kill the cell phone calls.” The 3 Skypephone technically could be, although gaining mass share will be difficult.

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