Give me an alternative to the ad model, and I might kiss your behind

Meanwhile, give me your kingdom, and I’ll show you yet another ad

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan gave a few good reasons why most startups clinging to what seems like the one and only business model, advertising, will soon hit the skids. The guy used to be an ad salesman – fair enough.

Meanwhile, Dan Frommer toots Tumblr’s new business model, which just so happens to be…no wait…why don’t you guess…uh…advertising? I’m pretty certain you guessed right.

Are there really that many advertisers ready and willing to throw money at what seems like a never ending and limitlessly growing supply of ad inventory? And on sites whose content is also limitless (and free), and which, when combined with their userbase, reflects so little intent to purchase?

The Techdirt folks champion the concept of giving away goods of infinite supply in exchange for goods of a finite nature (latest example here). Seems to me internet advertising might just be reaching that unlimited availability point.

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