How is social network advertising performing?

Quick answers and not-so-quick speculation.

Barron’s: Google points out it isn’t doing so hot.

Alley Insider: Alas, the social network side of things is not up to par.

ZDNet: Not good, and Google is disappointed with the MySpace deal.

Techdirt: Cutting to the chase – it sucks.

And…Facebook isn’t looking like the grand saviour either.

Meanwhile…some folks are optimistic – Lookery is chasing the same kind of deals with social networks, while the GOOG says they’ve seen no impact from the economic downturn.

I’m on the fence. Click fraud is up, and the internet advertising king’s growth is slowing significantly – if they can’t make it all work, who’s going to? Microsoft may be buying Yahoo!, but Yahoo! has only ancillary properties representing social networking success while Microsoft seems to have significantly overpaid for what they have on the plate already.

I’m betting an upstart will hit the street with something truly unique in the way of monetization, and it will charge up this space the way the GOOG did with search. The incumbents should be looking over their shoulder frequently, as there are no barriers to exiting their networks.

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