Why Orvis Cherry Creek just rocks

It’s an attitude thing.

I’ve been in Orvis Cherry Creek plenty over the last year. I have more hard gear than most humans will need in a lifetime, but the place has an excellent fly selection and is always working deals. The folks are generally friendly and helpful, although I don’t usually need a lot of help with fly selection – it’s a man on a mission thing (and I know I’ll get a parking ticket if I don’t hurry). But that’s not why I go there.

Today, I noticed the weather was warming. I decided to go pick up the mail. Orvis isn’t far from the post office, so I thought I’d stop by and pick up a license (no, I haven’t been fishing in over a month, and yes, it sucks). Unbeknownst to me, Orvis doesn’t have one of the hard copy license machines. So what does the guy behind the counter do when I ask for a license? He goes behind said counter, cranks up the Colorado Division of Wildlife web-based license purchasing, and lets me do my stuff. It was such natural, courteous, going-out-of-your-way kind of service – it doesn’t happen very often, particularly in retail. But it didn’t surprise me one bit – not from those folks.

Heck, I didn’t even hint that I was going to buy anything else. But I’ll be hard pressed to shop anywhere else this season.

Thanks guys.


Hey, thank for the good word, Michael!
I will be sure to share this with everyone here at Orvis.

James Hathaway
Manager, Communications & Conservation
The Orvis Company

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