Single (mixed) post for the week

Light on thought.

  • Check out today’s shocking level of discount window borrowing. Who wants to start a bank?
  • A crank Craigslist posting led to a run on an Oregon man’s possessions. Henry Blodget wonders who’s responsible (i.e. who should pay for the ransacking). I’m wondering when the copycats are going to arrive.
  • Luxury car sales are on the decline, and Ford is selling Jaguar and Land Rover as a result. Not too long ago luxury goods sales were being touted as a mainstay. What changed all of a sudden? Failing hedge funds?
  • New home sales fell to a 13-year low. You wouldn’t know it if all you were listening to was the National Association of Realtor’s counter-productive spin.

Commentary will remain light around here for the next few months…until the project I am working on has reached its next milestone or I catch a ten pound trout, whichever comes first.

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