So much for mobile

The “Mobile” category is now gone…I’ve moved the paltry five posts to “Office.” I’d like to say I did this for the same reason Russell Beattie tossed mobile, but it’s not. I still believe in the general concept of internet mobility, but its contortions (like blogging) just don’t suit me. When I’m away from the desk I’m usually either:

  • Walking the dog – He gets pissed if I use the phone during his time and starts “drag-assing”, which results in a half-hour walk taking two hours.
  • Driving – I can weave through traffic and tap out text messages, but I have trouble logging into WordPress while doing the same.
  • Meeting – Downright rude to blog while in a meeting, although I’ve seen a few folks try it only to wonder afterwards why they were alone in a previously crowded room.
  • Drinking, eating, or otherwise making merry – If you must have web access while drinking, I suggest you find new friends to drink with; if you’re doing it while eating, remember to clean the keyboard afterwards.
  • Fishing – The water is my church, and my fly box is my Bible. You might blog while you’re in Sunday services, but if I do it during mine I run the chance of dropping my Blackberry in a river and voiding the warranty.

I think that is more than enough excuses.

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