Why Marmot (and their gear) is worth its weight in gold

Gold prices notwithstanding, this is unsolicited and extraordinarily well-deserved praise

I own a bit of Marmot gear, mostly outerwear, and it’s not because I’m spoiled or have money to burn – despite being twice the price of what you’d call “comparable” items, their stuff just seems worth it. Reasoning: it’s apparent when looking at their gear that the company pays attention to details – I’m an accountant…details are good. One of my favorite pieces was this Marmot PreCip jacket I’d had for several years – it served duty as a rainy spring/summer day protector, mostly on dog walks, but also the occasional misty hike. Never abused, its exterior still looked like new.

Unfortunately, on one of those rainy days I noticed my shoulders were feeling a little damp. After returning home, I further noticed that the interior waterproofing material had started to show some significant wear…more significant than should have been apparent with anything but everyday use in the Pacific Northwest (where I spend almost no time). I decide to send this precious garment off to see if something could be done about it. That was April 15th.

Yesterday, I received a warranty claim ticket, saying the jacket had been received and the estimated turnaround time was four to six weeks (while strangely saying “as of 2/08”). It only took one more day to figure out what that claim ticket meant. This morning a package arrived. It was sent priority mail. It contained this:


…a new PreCip jacket, in the package. Marmot must have figured that spring was well on its way, and that I needed this jacket back pronto. Smart, very smart, especially considering the fact that after I saw the prospective wait time the day before, I’d already started looking for a new jacket (and had even put a few bids on one in my size via eBay). Ridiculously good customer service – ranks right up there with my charming time at Orvis.

PS: Jeez…they even gave me a better color than the one from before. I think these folks should go into the fishing gear business and distribute through Orvis – I’d be like a walking billboard for that deal!

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