Handy Yahoo! Pipes List (and some joker’s tip)

ReadWriteWeb posted a handy list of Yahoo! Pipes, particular for those who need to filter their morass of social services feeds. Note for the newbie: you can build off the pipes in the lists, essentially customizing them to your own specifications before you subscribe. Utilizing a shared pipe also reduces the need for programming skills, something raw pipe building kind of requires.

I use the Yahoo! Pipes service simply to translate the feed (see bottom) from this blog. Additional note: if you are a WordPress & Feedburner user, and are also using the convenient Feedsmith plugin, you’ll need to make a quick mod to said plugin. Look near the bottom of the Feedburner_Feedsmith_Plugin.php file for the agent redirects:

if (!preg_match("/feedburner|feedvalidator|pipes/i", $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) {
add_action('template_redirect', 'ol_feed_redirect');

See how I’ve added “|pipes” at the end of the preg_match search string? Add the same, and the plugin will ignore the redirect for requests from Yahoo! Pipes so you can use your pre-processed feed at pipes.yahoo.com. It works nicely here, proving any joker can do it.


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