I’ve got Etsy (or at least some of their magic fishing soap)

Etsy is a website where you can buy handmade stuff. Whoopie!

Well that was my reaction when I first heard about it. In fact, my initial exposure came via one of the venture capitalists funding the company, but no way am I going to praise some VC just because they are known to hand out money (even though I may need some of it one day, I’ve already calculated the probability of getting any).

What made me try Etsy? A fricken fisherman…or at least a fishing blog (that would be Moldy Chum). See, us fishermen stick together. We know everyone else in the clan is lying about how many fish they catch, how big said fish are, and how many beers they drank during the trip without falling face first in the water. But fishing folk (particularly the fly fishing set) are hard pressed to pass off bad gear as good, or call a bad deal a steal.

So when I heard there was a soap being offered on Etsy that might help me with my next aquatic pursuit, catfish noodling, I had to pounce. I figure I’ll stick this soap in my hand, stick my hand in some hole on some muddy water’s edge, and I’ll have a world record in no time. Moldy Chum said it would help with the fishing, so I don’t even care if the people who made the damn soap said it first – I’m sold. I’ve even got a competitive advantage – the idea may now be out in the open, but I got the last bar!


Catfish noodlers beware – I’m coming to take the crown. Ha!

UPDATE: I’d barely gotten the future-king-of-noodling proclamation out the door when a Ms. Leah of Etsy/Vistah Soap sent me a very nice message saying “thanks for the purchase.” This kind of customer service impresses the daylights out of me really pisses me off. First, I can’t take advantage of the Etsy platform myself because the only thing I can make from hand are saltwater flies (actually only clouser minnows and dorado/yellowfin poppers, of which I have a lifetime supply to prove it); and second, this virtually guarantees I am eventually going to wind up with a whole lot of fisherman’s soap.

UPDATE 2: Yes, incredulous and anonymous emailer, the poppers do catch fish…even tuna (and a stray skipjack now and then).


Michael Gracie says:

Tks. Couldn’t have done it without ya!

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