Stream gone chocolate? Then hit the field.

Sporting clays was the Sunday game of choice.

The weather was beautiful, but several of the fishing spots I frequent were too high for comfort. Sans boat it can make for tricky fishing, beyond the fact that chocolate brown water makes seeing fish impossible, and tends to cut down on the visibility of your flies to fish just as much. So I decided to keep feet on terra firma, and pulverizing some flying clays seemed as good a choice as any for outdoor recreation. I haven’t screamed the word “pull” in at least four years, and despite the fact that when the pics were taken I was standing at a station where I shot six for six, for the round I managed a pathetic 35%. Even my shooting partner creamed me, but I’m still going back soon – it was a hoot!

clays2 clays4 clays5

Sadly however, not only was my shooting rusty, but so was the gun on my shoulder. I had lent it out several years ago on the promise of a clean – it came back wiped, but I never thought about checking down the barrel. A couple of hours of hard work pre-outing produced a lot of brownish pads, and I was thinking there might be some irreparable barrel pitting. Thankfully, after a second post-game cleaning it isn’t as bad off as I originally thought – it isn’t perfect, but it might be the perfect excuse for adding a Citori or Cynergy Field/Sporting Combo to the lineup later this summer…

…that is, assuming the rivers stay high (which I wholly suspect on this last winter’s hell-acious snowpack), I can keep the golf handicap under 72 before a mid-summer jaunt with old friend, and of course…I don’t keep shooting like I play golf.


Vic says:

Hombre, hitting almost half the targets on the first time out is nothing to be ashamed of unless you are just pulling someones leg. I have seen people talk tough and then go out and hit nothing. Lemme guess you hit nothing for the first six or seven turns, did good in the middle seven and bad on the way in. This means you were nervous at first then got your groove only to get tired at the end. A few more times out should straigten that out.

The photo looks like you were using a pump too which is not very easy to handle for sporting even though some sporting pros can beat the pants of some people with a pump. If you really get into it do not buy a combo setup because all you are getting is an extra ported barrel that you will feel no difference with and will not be able to hunt with because of the noise. Get a good field setup in 28 or 30 inches and that should last you for a long time without spending near as much money. Pay attention to the fit. Even the top competitors are moving away from the ported barrel. Happy shooting.

Michael Gracie says:

Thanks for the tips. However, considering that my arm is bruised such as to effect normal use (like picking up the coffee cup) and I was told this morning by my colleague that he will be shooting a BB gun next time in order to give me a fighting chance, maybe I should stick to fishing 🙂 .

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