Thursday Morning Lazy Links

Rough schedule today, hence the laziness

  • Doing what I couldn’t with TotJot, and sounds just as nice – TotSpot. The company is presently in private beta, which is something we didn’t do at TotJot – our engineering arm built a solid, extensible platform and then we decided to go the PR consulting route (despite having PR experience on the team already). Bad move (along with overbuilding the backend infrastructure before having a real user base), but the concept is still bright, and I wish TotSpot all the best. Mashable is presently handing out some invites.
  • What has eight letters, begins with an “F”, and may turn out to be a very useful web utility? No, not Facebook…Freebase. I tinkered with Freebase some time ago, and now Alex Isgold has an update on the open database platform.
  • And last but certainly not least…

  • Democracy sans justice – A kindergarten teacher allows their students to vote an autistic classmate out of the room. Worse – it wasn’t done by secret ballot – the child was forced to stand in front of the classroom while this public humiliation took place. Even worse – the teacher admitted the case, yet has been placed in an “administrative position.” I wouldn’t let my dog within 50 miles of this teacher.

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