MySpace wins $6 million judgement against Scott Richter & Company

Blast from the past:

An arbitrator has ordered Media Breakaway and Chief Executive Scott Richter to pay the social-networking giant $4.8 million in damages and $1.2 million in legal fees, according to legal filings.

I won’t be digging into this like I would have in the Spamroll days, but I will admit I’m a bit dismayed if this was truly a case of Richter’s affiliates getting away from him. The reasoning: plenty of internet entrepreneurs push the envelope – it’s just that some glad hand while they are doing it, which results in tacit approval of actions, while others take the tack that it’s easier trying to ask for forgiveness later. Whether the latter was the case here I do not know – all I know for certain is that history has a way of following you around.  On that note, there’s more on Richter’s past dealings here.

(h/t to Techdirt)

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