One time battle: water skiers vs. brown trout fry

Only happened once because the trout are now dead!

Wyoming Gov. Dave Fruedenthal figured ten water skiers in Lowell were more important that tens of thousands of young brown trout. He ordered the flows to the Bighorn River cut to 1,500 cfs (i.e a trickle), and now an entire year’s worth of wild fish are gone. Adding insult to injury (actually, death), the spring spawning rainbows had to move someplace else too. A further blow (as if you needed one) – within two weeks of Wyoming Waterski Fest 2008 the river management authorities realized that there was a record snowpack in them hills, and they pumped the flows up over 8,500 cfs. Now the kayakers without health insurance couldn’t even enjoy the river.

Two questions:

(h/t to Moldy Chum)

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