Are gas prices effecting your fishing plans?

For charter boat captains in South Florida, they’re having a big effect (h/t Moldy Chum). I wonder if captains guiding from flats skiffs in the Keys are seeing a similar drop – running boats with 10 inch drafts just a few miles out, and then polling, is certainly more cost conscious – but that presumes the customer can cast a line 80 feet (or at least handle landing speedy fish on lightweight spinning gear). Or maybe the guides will just get less picky about their clientele?

On the ride-then-wade side, the Underground has run successive polls on the issue. Note the change in opinion just a few months of rising prices (and rising media attention) gets you.

I for one check the flows and the moonphase first. Then I rally three other folks to split the travel costs with, insist on spending the night out, and then show up on my bike.

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