Google Sued For Selling Ads On Parked Domains

Via Information Week:

“Google includes millions of parked domains and error pages that have little or no content, and that result in practically zero conversions, in both its Content Network and its Search Network,” the complaint alleges. “Given the low quality of these parked domain and error pages, advertisers would not want to spend their advertising budgets on these distribution networks. However, Google designed its network in such a way that it was virtually impossible to opt out of the AdSense for Domains and/or AdSense for Errors programs.”

I believe this complaint has some merit, and don’t think I’m alone in saying that parked pages full of ads suck too. I’ve also been thinking the parking business would be needing a new business model, sooner or later. Maybe it’s sooner.

(h/t Search Engine Land)


Gobaires says:

I think there’s absolutely no merit to the complaint….The problem with the logic is that google’s model does NOT charge you by impression but by click… so…

Not a penny is spent if nobody clicks on it…

I think the problem is plenty of people click on them – I suspect many less savvy internet users assume the links are search results. A poor conversion rate is the by-product.

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