Friday morning coffee (and links)

If you’ve already planned your weekend, keep reading. Otherwise, you have more important things to do.

  • Why the rumors about the Mormon Church buying Facebook made sense – it’s about genealogy business. Personally, I think the Mormon Church is run by very smart folks, and very smart folks don’t buy businesses that don’t justify their valuations via profits.
  • In defense of short selling. It only needs defending because the powers that be want to ensure folks the “buy and hold” strategy they were “sold” doesn’t come back to bite.
  • A state record channel catfish was caught on a Barbie Rod! I wonder when Mattel will start dumping last year’s model on eBay.
  • The CFTC found that a select few speculators were dominating the oil trading market, but they also noted that those few didn’t really manipulate prices. I’ll bet that if oil was trading a $200 a barrel right now, some of their “findings” might have been a little different.
  • Banks are still lining up at the pig trough discount window, and their wealthy clients are feeling the pain as private-equity capital calls come in. Didn’t those clients know the banks lent out all that money they were supposed to be safeguarding?
  • That in turn brings up the question…

  • How safe is your brokerage account (yes, brokerages use securities as collateral on loans too)? Guess that depends on your brokerage…


Source: Weiss Research, Inc.



Rex says:

Where is Vanguard on this list? Who was the shmuck that created this list?

RK – It’s a select list, not a comprehensive one.

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