Monday Morning’s Weekend Review

Things I missed because I was doing fun stuff like running from tornados

  • How to stop the next bubble? While the read is interesting, there are certainly plenty of conflicting arguments amongst the discussion participants (summary: they don’t really know the answer). It’s primarily a macroeconomic and regulatory chat – nobody seemed willing to touch on the subjects of herd mentality and the “keeping up with the Joneses” phenomena so prevalent in society – you are not going to stop those bubble creating factors without some embarrassing pain. (h/t The Big Picture)
  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch, at least not if lunch is really dinner and you work at Google. Google has axed its famed free dinners, but they really weren’t free to begin with – everyone is on salary and was working extra hours as a result of the perk. Now employees have an excuse to leave early, and go work on their startup. (h/t Mashable)
  • Drug and alcohol spa Cirque Lodge in Sundance Utah is using fly fishing as a rehab strategy. Catching trout in the Provo River would certainly keep patients’ minds off harmful substances, but as the Trout Underground noted isn’t it just swapping one addiction for another? I guess you’d have to be a participant to understand; in urban America, when one wants to describe something that is instantly addictive they say “It’s like crack” – in the Mountain West we say “It’s like casting dry flies on the Roaring Fork during the green drake hatch.”



I once said fly fishing was marginally more socially acceptable than crack, but it wasn’t any cheaper.

Let’s hope for the best for the rehabbers.

Certainly – and both the middle and lower sections of the Provo are great places to get one’s mind off life’s complexities.

As for my selfish side…I better not start seeing signs on street corners that say “will work for fluorocarbon tapered leaders.”

That’s my idea!

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