Tuesday Tidbits

Mixed messages

  • Dirt is the next growth industry? Interesting expose of the problem of the shrinking amount of arable land after clicking through, although not much in the way of recommended solutions. It seems, however, that the world has a growing problem with carbon in the air, and not enough in the soil. Hmm.
  • I’ve watched about five minutes of the Olympics, and that was from a bar in Silverthorne while taking a break between line wetting sessions (happily, it was the Polish womens’ volleyball team that caught my eye). The whole IOC just seems pathetic to me, and here’s proof of my inclinations.
  • Fly fishing folks are the finest around. Not only do they (mostly) take great interest in the care of their stomping grounds (and hopefully their quarry), they are also highly compassionate. Don’t feed feral goats – adopt a lonely sofa today!
  • Warm and fuzzies complete. Now, if you think the markets have already hit bottom, think again. John Mauldin explains why.
  • And last but certainly not least…

  • Three simple reasons (in pictorial) why fishing in Alaska might not be for the faint of heart. Dummies…you’re catching someone else’s lunch!


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