Waterworks-Lamson in a clutch

gear bagI’ve been fly fishing with Lamson reels since early in the “Sage days” – as a matter of fact I don’t own anything but Lamson reels, at least when it comes to freshwater equipment. And thankfully, I’m hard pressed to say one has truly failed me yet. However, once in a blue moon, something does go wrong with one of them, but I’ve never been much to worry – Waterworks-Lamson’s warranty service is as fine as fine can be.

[singlepic id=431 w=100 h=75 float=right]The few problems I have had have always been with clutches. A Lamson LP 2.0 was long my go-to trout winder, but about the same time I started fishing the G2/Velocity combo and pushed the LP and it’s six-weight rod friend over to streamer duty the clutch gave out. The LP reels have been off the shelves for some time but Waterworks-Lamson still had a few clutches left, which they sent me forthwith (yes, spares too). That’s a good thing, as I still own the 2.0, have a 1.5 on the Sage LL, and also keep a 3.5 (and spare spool) for windy bonefishing days.

Within the last year and a half, I’ve begun a little change up (although friends say it’s nothing but retail therapy since I never ever go fishing) – the LPs are slowly being replaced by later and greater (note – I didn’t say “latest” and “greatest” because I still look around for deals). I started with the mid range Velocity, and the LP 2.0 with the brand new clutch has just been replaced with an older model Litespeed (which I found brand new in a local fly shop, covered in grime and dust in the back of a display case). The move is mostly because the newer reels are generally an ounce plus lighter than the LPs, and because I like the sealed simplicity of the newer Waterworks conical drag system.

[singlepic id=430 w=100 h=75 float=right]Lighter reels = more fun, although I’ll add the new drags are not without their faults (or at least “were” not without their faults). After a year of use the clutch in the Velocity started sticking, and despite my frequent breakdown and drying after trips. I noticed it was starting to corrode, so I called the company. Sure enough, they’d already solved that problem – the new clutches are now stainless steel (and slightly lighter) than the original steel ones. I got a new one in the mail, less than a week after being on the phone.

No reel is perfect for every fly fishing situation, and no reel will remain without fault forever (even if you are a reel cleaning fanatic such as myself). But it is nice to know the company that makes your gear is willing to back it up with great service. And I’m certain that having a critical part in hand before Saturday rolls around is the equivalent of great service.

Thanks, Waterworks-Lamson.


Lamson reels are the bomb. I own two Velocities (3 and 3.5) and they have been impressive to say the least. I will definitely be adding more Lamsons to my arsenal.


I obviously feel the same way, although I’d be curious to hear how the conical drags hold up with those bigger reels (and those fat carp you seem to be catching).

PS: What’s up with that spinning rig in your pics!? 😉

David Edrington says:

Any clutches for LP3 for sale?

Very sorry David, but my LPs are long since gone. Suggestion…call Waterworks-Lamson Customer Service at 888-562-1310 and ask for Tim Volk. He may either have a few in a dusty drawer someplace or know someone who might have some.

Hope that helps.

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