Gratuitous fly fishing post for the evening (UPDATED)

gear bagYou can be gratuitous too

I’ve had a pretty darn good September so far. For some odd reason more than a few folks have been abnormally kind to me – I hardly deserve it, but I’ve had a chance to do some much needed gear upgradingengage in more frivolous purchases … contribute back what I can to the local fly fishing economy as a result. And in not-so-grand fashion, I’m now getting rid of a few things.

UPDATE: My excess gear is gone, so I’ve removed the portions of this post dealing with it (particularly since the pictures were such fine examples of my piss poor photography skills). Onward…

Second to last but still not least, Tom Chandler is cleaning out his closet too. From the sounds of it, he has enough gear to outfit every commenter on his blog for a solid decade, but the George Maurer Bamboo he’s seeking a good home for deserves attention that the average brownliner simply can’t provide.

And lastly (there is no “least” in fly fishing – the joke’s on you), Jason Puris of The Fin fishing social network nabbed a cap in my little Drift trivia contest. But instead of taking the goods and heading for the hills, Jason decided to return the favor – I received a fine t-shirt in the mail today that reminds all fly fishing folk to…


Thanks Jason!

Email me (or comment) with any questions – my contact information is here.


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