Sporting clays meets fly fishing

Tom Chandler surmises it’s a positive step:

Most of the growth in “outdoor” sports is occurring courtesy a competitive angle (e.g. competitive bass fishing, competitive hunting, “action” pistol events, retriever competition, etc.), yet competitive fly fishing has yet to take hold in the USA (despite several attempts)…

And while regular readers know I’m hardly a cheerleader for the fly fishing industry, I do think this is an idea with merit.

I’m not keen on distance competitions, but I suspect target casting on a course would be a reel hoot (pun intended) for some. However, most fly fishing folks will probably jump on the notion that no course will ever be able to emulate the variety of conditions one may face on river or flat, from one day to the next. You can bet those that have cut their teeth in competition will think otherwise.

I hope I never see a “course professional” on my frequented waters, tossing 80 foot casts into hoola-hoops their friends are kicking off the bank upstream. Sporting clays is for runoff time anyway.

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